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For over one hundred years we have made outstanding Outdoor our business. A lot has changed since our founding in 1916, but our commitment to leadership, delivering a quality product, and good service hasn't. Neither has the outstanding power or the proven effectiveness of outdoor advertising. It's much more than size that makes outdoor special.

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Wolverine Sign Works has over 1000 billboard locations spanning across Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, and North and South Dakota. See details on our Coverage Map.

Art Templates and Specifications

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We have put together templates for our different billboards. Please visit our Specs and Templates page for more information.

Since 1916

Wolverine Sign Works has been helping its clients since 1916. Wolverine Sign Works, now in the fourth generation of a family owned business, has been a pillar in the community.

Why Outdoor?

  • Targeting: Put your message at the right place at the right time and hit the people you want to hit by targeting demographic, economic, or geographic profiles. Outdoor can target a single street or the whole country; students or high flying executives.
  • Reach: More than ever before people are on the move, and they are constantly exposed to outdoor advertising as they go to work, school, shop, or play.
  • Frequency: Outdoor can't be switched off. It doesn't go out with the trash. It's at work seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day delivering your message again and again and again. Research shows that affluent markets have the greatest exposure.
  • Impact: Big. Bold. Colourful. Outdoor makes a strong, eyecatching impact in the market - fast!
  • Low Cost: No other measured medium can reach as many people, as often, at such a low cost per thousand.


Millions of impressions throughout the midwest every day!

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